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'Millionaire Matchmaker' Patti Stanger: Margaery 'doesn't need a king' on 'Game of Thrones'

"Millionaire Matchmaker" Patti Stanger has some love advice for some of TV's most popular couples.

Margaery Tyrell, the unlucky in love queen on "Game of Thrones," really needs a better matchmaker. Perhaps "Millionaire Matchmaker's" Patti Stanger?

(Spoiler alert! If you missed last week's "Purple Wedding," bookmark this page and come back after you've watched the epic episode.)

After all, Margaery's first arranged marriage, to Renly Baratheon, was never even consummated — he was sleeping with his bride's brother instead, and then got himself killed by a shadow. Her next arranged marriage, to sadistic psychopath King Joffrey, was fortunately cut short when he was murdered during their wedding feast.  

Does Margaery have any chance finding lasting love? TODAY consulted the "Millionaire Matchmaker" for her expert counsel for the young Tyrell beauty, as well as on some of TV's most famous romances to get her take on the scripted state of love.

"Margaery is fine," Stanger — whose Bravo reality series is just about to wrap up its seventh season — assured us. "Her true passion is to be a ruling queen, and she doesn't need a king. She's fine with lovers. Unless another king has more power than her, she won't need a man."

Natalie Dormer and Jack Gleeson as Margaery Tyrell and King Joffrey Baratheon on "Game of Thrones."

Trouble comes in threes, so what if Margaery is betrothed to the latest heir to the Baratheon throne — Joffrey's younger brother, Tommen?

The third time could be the charm, Stanger said, especially "if the younger brother ensures an heir to keep her royal line intact. She's a calculated, smart gal that always keeps moving like a shark."

Stanger has the opposite advice — stop moving — for "The Big Bang Theory's" Amy Farrah Fowler, who's been trying for years to get on any base with her boyfriend, Sheldon Cooper. (Fortunately for the neuroscientist, her geeky theoretical physicist recently gave her a giant Valentine's Day smooch — their first real kiss!)

"Amy should do nothing, as it's a man's job to make the first move," Stanger said.

"As long as she stays beta, he will eventually feel safe to become her alpha male."

Sheldon finally planted a big on on girlfriend Amy for Valentine's Day.

Alpha males are aplenty on "True Blood," and Stanger would like to see Sookie Stackhouse end up with the leader of the pack.

"Sookie is perfect with Alcide," Stanger said. "The wolf will age as slowly as she" — unlike her other ancient boyfriends, Bill Compton and Eric Northman.

"The vampires are filled with too much drama and competition — Alcide offers her family." When you think about it, isn't that what matters most to the orphaned waitress? 

"That's what being a werewolf is all about, family," said Stanger.

"Family" is a hot-button issue for Frank and Claire Underwood on "House of Cards." In season two, Claire almost destroyed her husband's political career when she admitted during a live news interview that she'd had an abortion. The Underwoods aren't easily defeated — after all, they're now calling the White House home — and their unorthodox marriage, like their careers, is thriving.

"The secret to Claire and Frank's successful marriage is communication and agreement together. Claire knows of Frank's true sexual orientation and instead of retreating, she welcomes it. They both make allowances for the other, but everything is out in the open."

Everything's definitely out in the open on the nudity-embracing "Girls," but lately Hannah and Adam have been keeping their clothes on.

Adam and Hannah have issues on "Girls."

When asked how the young couple can repair their broken relationship, Stanger said, "Adam needs to grow up and realize good things come to those who wait.

"Hannah is worth waiting for. He's busy during the week with his dream, but weekends and vacations should be enough for his fill of a Hannah vacation. After all, he was a bit mean and deserves to sit on the naughty seat for a while."

See what other love advice "The Millionaire Matchmaker" has to offer — to real people — when the season finale airs Sunday, April 20 at 10 p.m. on Bravo.