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Million-dollar baby: Is Tori Spelling pregnant?

Is Tori Spelling pregnant?
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Is Tori Spelling pregnant?

The former "Beverly Hills, 90210" star to Dean McDermott in a very private ceremony in Fiji over the weekend, according to various reports, and several sources tell the The Scoop that Spelling is expecting a child.

One of the sources says that Spelling was spotted shopping for baby things at Petit Tresor, the Los Angeles store for tykes favored by celebs including Britney Spears and Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes.

“She was looking at things like cribs in a way that made it pretty clear that she wasn’t just looking to buy things for someone else,” says the source. And another insider says, “Yeah, she’s pregnant. She’s several months along now, I believe.”

When called for comment, a rep laughed, saying, “I have no idea. I thought you were going to ask me if she’s really married or not — and I haven’t even been able to find that out.”

BeatlemaniaSome angry John Lennon fans are not happy with Lindsay Lohan. In fact, she says she’s received death threats.

The “Mean Girls” star is set to star in a film about Mark David Chapman, the man who shot and killed the former Beatle. But, she says, Lennon’s widow gave her the okay to appear in the film, “Chapter 27,” in which she plays a friend of Lennon’s killer.

“I actually, I sat down with Yoko Ono a few times to talk to her about it, because I didn’t want — it's a very touchy subject, and nobody wanted me to do the movie, that worked for me. Just because John Lennon is a legend. And I was actually really nervous going into it, because I did get death threats and everything,” she said at a press conference promoting her most recent film “Just My Luck,” according to an account on “But I love my character in the movie, and she’s just such a — she’s such a genuine fan of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, in the film, and she’s the light in the movie, she’s like the Hitchcock blonde, but I’m not blonde in it. But she reminds me of that.  . . . But I wanted to get the okay from Yoko Ono.”

Notes from all overTom Cruise is back to his heroic ways. The action star — who several years ago was credited with saving a series of people’s lives — is being lauded for yet another act of bravery, this time, coming to the rescue of — what a shock — a journalist. A television reporter was knocked to the ground and “almost trampled” by the throng trying to reach Cruise, according to The Star, which reports that Cruise dropped to his knees to assist the damsel. “Are you okay? Are you okay?” Cruise asked, according to an “eyewitness” account. “Please, everyone step back. This woman needs help! I’m going to help you up, okay?” The woman was “visibly shaken” but fine, thanks to Cruise, the witness said.  . . . Heather Mills is denying reports that her marriage to Paul McCartney is shaky.  . . . You won’t find Madonna’s songs on her brother’s iPod. “I don’t listen to my sister’s music really,” Christopher Ciccone told the London Mirror. “I’ve just heard it too much.” He also says that her attempts to convert him to Kabbalah fizzled. “She took me to her house and all of the teachers were there and I just listened,” Ciccone said. “There are some really good things in it. You have to take it and make it your own, the same as being a Catholic, make it whatever works. But anything that’s organized can become very cultish. It got that way for me, so for a long time I sort of stopped.”

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