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Miley, Zac, Abigail take home big bucks

They haven’t even graduated from high school yet, but already many teens are making big money in Hollywood.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

They haven’t even graduated from high school yet, but already many teens are making big bucks in Hollywood.

Miley Cyrus is one of the top earning stars still in school. According to People, at just 15, she’s earned $17.5 million from her tour alone. And with her big screen release, “Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus: Best Of Both Worlds Concert Movie,” netting around $65 million, Miley will surely be able to afford plenty of her shopping weakness: Electra bikes, People reports.

At just 14, Angus T. Jones is already a TV veteran, having spent almost half a dozen years on “Two and a Half Men.” As a result, he reportedly takes home a hefty paycheck — $1.2 million a year, People claims.

And he’s not the only one bringing in the big bucks. Tyler James Williams, 15, from “Everybody Hates Chris,” reportedly makes the same amount.

In the movie world, Abigail Breslin, 12, and Dakota Fanning, 14, earn salaries in the millions for each film they appear in.

Breslin reportedly cashes checks for $2 million a picture, while Dakota can take up to $4 million a project. But, People reports that neither girl has lavish spending practices. Abigail earns just $11 in allowance each week, while Dakota gets no allowance at all.

As for the older stars — as in just old enough to have graduated high school — Daniel Radcliffe, 18, is a top earner.

People reports that he’s expected to earn $50 million for the final “Harry Potter” films. His co-stars, Emma Watson, 18, will bank $4 million per film, the same figure 19-year-old Rupert Grint is expected to fetch.

R&B star Chris Brown, 18, dances away with about $18.2 million a year.

Over in TV land, Hayden Panettiere, also 18, nets around $30,000 per episode of “Heroes,” but her product endorsements kick her end of year total up to around $5 million.

And Zac Efron, at just 19, will reportedly take in $3 million for “High School Musical 3.”