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Miley thinks scandals make her ‘more relatable’

In an interview with Billboard magazine, the 15-year-old claims the negative press has its positives, too. If nothing else, it’s just another way fans can relate to her.
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Controversy-magnet Miley Cyrus has learned to live with the fact that her foibles get a lot of attention. In fact, in an interview with Billboard magazine, the 15-year-old claims the negative press has its positives, too. If nothing else, it’s just another way fans can relate to her.

“I was embarrassed,” Miley said of her now-infamous shirtless shot for Vanity Fair, “but also it’s like, every career thing that I do can't be perfect, and sometimes my decisions are wrong. I think that just makes me even more relatable.”

The teen’s certain her average fan has been-there-done-that on a smaller scale and is bound to understand what she’s been through.

“I don’t think people will look at me any differently because they’re like, ‘You know what, I’m going to do stupid stuff too, and I’m going to make mistakes, and that’s fine,’” the “Hannah Montana” star assured. “It still hurts when I think about it — but you know what, it doesn’t mean that you can’t move on.”

K-Fed impresses party pals He’s still willing to party the night away, but now “Father of the Year” Kevin Federline spends his bashes bragging about his kids and talking business. At least that’s the latest word from sources who spotted Britney’s ex during the wee hours of Saturday morning at the South Beach nightclub Mansion.

“Kevin was in a great mood and even talked about a new song he is working on, called ‘Daddy’s Home,’” an eyewitness told People. “He has put a lot of time and effort into writing and rehearsing it, but says it is not quite ready yet.”

K-Fed even got the thumbs-up from the club’s host, Lyndon Smith, who said, “We talked about our kids and parenting and what that’s all about.”

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Eventually Kevin made his way to the dance floor, where sources say his newly polished good-guy image remained intact while he moved to the music.

“Kevin is a great dancer with some very complicated moves,” said another Mansion attendee. “He wasn't with any one girl in particular. He was friendly and nice to everyone and in a wonderful mood.”

Rounding out the well-behaved outing, Kevin signed autographs for fans and was said to be “happy and very gracious.”

Who is this guy, and what has he done with the expletive-happy K-Fed party animal we saw earlier this year?

Dish on the fly Looking back on filming her big smooch with veteran actor Ben Kingsley in the upcoming release “The Wackness,” Mary-Kate Olsen says she felt good about the experience. “We shot it at three o’clock in the morning and so everyone was a bit delirious anyhow,” she told the Wall Street Journal. “He was so professional about it and made me feel so comfortable. He said, ‘Anything you don't feel comfortable about, let me know. You lead me.’” … There’s no shelf life on bitterness — just ask David Gest. It’s been five long years since he and Liza Minnelli parted ways, and David’s still so worked up about his entertainer ex-wife, he’s set his emotions to music. OK! magazine reports David’s joined ranks with Attic Lights to sing Liza’s faults on their new album. “They broke the rules when they made you,” David croons on the track “Bring Me Down.” “Who would ever think a love so bold would find a woman so cold!” … Sheryl Crow plans to pawn off her pooches now that her 1-year-old son Wyatt is walking. It seems the singer suddenly sees her pair of 7-year-old Labrador Spaniels as a cause for concern. “Sheryl absolutely loved Oscar and Lucy, and this has left her feeling terrible,” a pal told the National Enquirer. “But she didn’t like the way the dogs, especially Oscar, were reacting when they were close to Wyatt.”

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