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Miley Cyrus Talks Making Out, Making Music Videos and Turning Legal

At least one member of the Cyrus family feels like talking.
/ Source: E!online

At least one member of the Cyrus family feels like talking.

In her first interview since her parents' divorce, Miley Cyrus sat down exclusively with E! News in between rehearsing her new song--and no, she's not telling, so don't even ask--for the American Music Awards to answer some burning Q's. And, it turns out, to spark a few more.

Like how she plans on spending her upcoming 18th birthday. And why exactly it was so awkward to suck face with Kevin Zegers.

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Not that you or the 1.5 million who've made "The Big Bang" one of the most viewed videos of the year need reminding, but Cyrus and Zegers costarred in the Rock Mafia music video (which world premiered on E! Online!) last month. And you also probably don't need reminding that there was plenty of lip smacking involved.

Hey--it's a tough, awkward job, but someone's got to do it.

"There's a pretty cool kissing scene in 'The Big Bang' which is pretty funny because Kevin is actually the boyfriend of someone that works very closely with me," Miley said. "So there was definitely a little awkwardness since she was on set or whatever."

Not that it was all bad...

"I think it's kind of cool that it's someone that I know and that I really like."

And just to set the record straight--any lingering awkwardness did not detract from the music video's romance...between their characters.

"I love when I put my hand out and he grabs my hand and we run off the train and we're going up the stairs," Miley said. "I think it's kind of romantic that she's not even looking at him, just following kind of in a trance of whatever this person is."

We think 1.5 million people and counting may agree.

As for Miley herself, while her forthcoming 18th birthday (Nov. 23, for the countdown sickos out there), may be short on romance, it'll be long on platonic fun. Finally.

"For my birthday this year, I'm just gonna have everyone that I really love be able to hang out," she explained. "I don't always get to see everyone so it's kind of cool that the AMAs are happening, so everyone will actually be in town for my birthday, which will be pretty cool."

Let us be the first to say, happy birthday, Miley!

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