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Miley Cyrus had not 1 ⁠— but 2 ⁠— terrifying close calls during recent plane landing

The singer had quite the journey to Glastonbury's iconic Pyramid Stage.
Miley Cyrus
One plane gave Miley Cyrus two reasons to panic on her way to the 2019 Glastonbury Festival.Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Miley Cyrus earned raved reviews following her set at Glastonbury's iconic Pyramid Stage last month, but the reviews were decidedly worse for the flight that got her to the famed festival.

Two bouts of midair mayhem left the singer shaken — and she wasn't the only one on board the plane to panic.

The 26-year-old hit-maker's big sister, Brandi Cyrus, described the "crazy" ordeal on the latest episode of "Your Favorite Thing," the podcast she co-hosts with "Bachelorette" alum Wells Adams.

"I'm on the plane with my mom (Tish Cyrus), my sister and my sister's entire management team, her whole band and the guys who run her show — like, everyone's on this plane with us," Brandi said, setting the scene. "And we're trying to land in the U.K., and we're going down, the wheels are out. ... And my mom and Miley are both very nervous flyers, and when they get nervous, they just feed off of each other and make each other more nervous."

And, apparently, Miley's manager, Adam Leber, is even worse than the two of them "combined."

"So I'm sitting with the three of these people, and it's bumpy and they're kind of freaking out, and then out of nowhere, as we're landing, we swoop back up and, like, bank to the left and turn," she recalled. "It feels crazy, and they just start losing their minds."

While Brandi felt scared, too, she decided to tamp down her own emotions for the greater good.

"So Miley's in my lap, my mom's holding my hand across the aisle, Adam's freaking out, and we're like, 'No one's telling us what's going on!'" the actress-turned-TV host explained.

The flight attendants were strapped into their own seats at the time and unable to soothe their nerves.

"A full five minutes go by, and we're clearly going all the way back up and they finally come back and tell us, 'No need to panic, but somebody was in our lane in the sky and we were going to hit them, so we had to come back up and move.'"

Which is exactly the sort of thing that might make a panicking person panic even more.

"(It's) terrifying to think about," Brandi noted. "Like, you're going what ... 400 miles an hour? And a plane is in your lane? That's insane."

Still, they all had a chance to breathe a sigh of relief when the detour proved successful and they went back in again for a landing.

Until ...

"The same fricking thing happens!" she said.

This time the trouble was a plane that was already on the runway, causing another last-minute swoop to the sky — and another meltdown in the cabin.

"The second time my mom starts crying, and she's like, 'If we die, Noah is alone!'" The youngest Cyrus sister was the only one safely on land at the time, so Brandi redoubled her efforts to remain calm.

But Brandi admits now, if it wasn't for the need to reassure her family members, she would have been in full-blown panic, too. Eventually, of course, the whole entourage touched down safely, and they finally learned what was behind the all blunders.

"It's just so busy because of the festival," a flight attendant told them.

It was an excuse the festival-bound women didn't really appreciate.

“We're like, 'Hello! You guys knew how many planes were landing today. There’s a schedule. Why is this happening?'" Brandi said, adding that the whole situation was "very scary."