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/ Source: Access Hollywood

The multi-talented Miley Cyrus unveiled one of her hidden habits during an appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” — she likes to drink ketchup right from the bottle.

“You also drink ketchup, which seems odd,” Jay said to Miley, who was a guest on the show along with dad Billy Ray.

“There’s nothing odd about it,” the “Hannah Montana” star smiled. “It’s just good.”

Apparently not buying into the idea, Jay asked his audience what they thought about a refreshing mouthful of condiment.

“Is it odd to drink ketchup from the bottle?” Jay asked the crowd, drawing a mix of cheers and jeers, and even a nod of agreement from dad Billy Ray.

“But it’s really good. If it tastes good, what does it matter?” Miley replied.

And apparently, not only is ketchup delicious, but it’s also good for you.

“It’s a liquid technically,” she laughed. “It’s half the calories.”

Without further adieu, Jay grabbed a bottle of ketchup from behind his desk and put the tween star to the test.

Sticking by her word, Miley didn’t disappoint, as she quickly grabbed the bottle from Jay.

“Wait, I gotta shake it. Sorry if it gets everywhere,” she smiled, as she popped the cap, poured the ketchup in her mouth and proudly showed off her mouth full of ketchup.