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Mila Kunis soothes rookie interviewer: 'This is the best interview I've had today'

Microphone, camera, and about ten minutes to chat with Mila Kunis as she promotes "Oz the Great and Powerful." Go!

Given the chance, many would be tongue-tied -- and if not, they might just behave the way 25-year-old BBC Radio 1 interviewer Chris Stark does in this interview clip: Nervous as heck but waffling on about favorite sports teams and alcoholic beverages, "mates" and asking the star out more than once. 

"I've never done this before," he warns Kunis at the top of the video, just before asking: "Did you enjoy being ugly for once (in the film)? Because generally you're hot."

Fortunately, Kunis not only feels his nerves but manages to soothes them by asking back: "What about this is frightening to you?" 

And soon, the interview is all but forgotten as the two begin chatting -- Stark goes full fanboy, unable to believe his luck at being able to chat with her. He explains about "lad-bombs," a drink that mixes a shot of Jagermeister into a double-vodka Red Bull. "That sounds like the worst drink ever," she grins back, leading him to ask her to come to the pub with him.

On top of all of this, she does it while claiming to be "deathly ill," and telling him things like "you are awesome." Okay, so it's not necessarily a love connection -- but Kunis is the kindest and most patient of souls in indulging his meandering. Then, when finally the publicist steps in to get things on track, Kunis quickly gives him fresh-sounding, though perhaps canned, answers to the questions he should have been asking all along.

"This is the best interview I've had today," she tells Stark, and there's no question: For him, it's the best interview of his life.