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Mila Kunis confesses her obsession with reality TV

Reality TV buffs are in good company. Not only is "Late Night" host Jimmy Fallon a big fan of the genre, but even his Monday night guest, Mila Kunis, can't get enough of it.

“Apparently, I love Jersey, because I watch ‘Jerseylicious,' (and) I watch ‘Jersey Shore,'” the “Friends With Benefits” star confessed.

Right now, it's "Shore,” which returns to MTV for its fourth season on Aug. 4, that has Kunis most excited. She even has her DVR set so she won't miss the hottest moment from the GTL gang's Italian vacation.

“(Snooki) hits a police car!” the actress told an equally enthused Fallon. “I don’t even think the car was moving. It was parked.”

Other shows on Kunis’ must-see list include “Mob Wives,” “Top Chef,” “Top Chef Masters” and “Chopped.”

After declaring her love for the various boob tube offerings, Kunis then took part in a reality-TV-worthy competition with Fallon. Behold Ladder Golf, a game Kunis insisted gets better with beer. 

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