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Mike Myers returns as Dr. Evil on 'The Tonight Show' with a big announcement

Dr. Evil unveiled his "evil five-point plan" for America on the eve of the midterm elections.
/ Source: TODAY

Dr. Evil has emerged from his secret underground lair with a diabolical announcement: He is running for frickin' Congress.

Mike Myers reprised his iconic villain from the Austin Powers movies on "The Tonight Show" Monday, unveiling his "evil five-point plan" to Jimmy Fallon a day before the mid-term elections.

As Dr. Evil interrupted the show with his maniacal laugh, Fallon asked, "Dr. Evil, is that you?"

"No, it's white Cory Booker,'' he joked, referring to the Democratic senator from New Jersey.

Dr. Evil, who appeared in the three Austin Powers movies from 1997-2002, revealed why he has made his return from his evil lair "in Rhode Island" in order to run for office.

"It’s 2018, evil’s in right now,'' he said. "It’s hip. It’s like playing Fortnite while slamming a Tide pod and doing the Shiggy challenge."

Running as a member of the "Eviltarian" party, he outlined his evil five-point plan, which included two truly terrifying parts of his agenda.

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"From now, the only flavor of Pringles will be Screamin' Dill Pickle, and the tube will be skinnier!'' he said for step one.

Step three was even more evil.

"The amount of time it takes before you can skip a YouTube ad will be increased from five seconds to eight seconds. No skipsies!''

He also announced that under a Congressman Evil regime, "The Star-Spangled Banner" will be replaced by a catchy song that is huge with the toddler constituency.

"The new national anthem will be 'Baby Shark,''' he said. "Baby shark (doo doo doo doo doo doo)."

Come back, Austin Powers. Dr. Evil's platform must be defeated at all costs.