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Sorry, wrong Zoom! See Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon crash random video chats

"What's happening right now?"
/ Source: TODAY

Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama are here to brighten up your mundane Zoom call.

The "Tonight Show" host and former first lady had strangers doing double takes when they crashed random Zoom meetings on Thursday's show, with one stunned woman summing it up perfectly: "What's happening right now?"

The duo starts by pretending that they have mistakenly popped up in the wrong Zoom call.

"Are these all your friends?" Obama asks him. "It's great to be here with everyone."

"No, I thought these were your friends," Fallon says.

One woman on the call can't believe her eyes.

"What's happening right now?" she says. "Are you kidding me right now?"

Before the people on the call can fully grasp that they've just been Zoom bombed, Fallon and Obama are already on to crashing their next meeting.

In another scene, Obama can be seen holding up a copy of her memoir, "Becoming," while Fallon has a copy of President Barack Obama's book, "A Promised Land," held up in front of his face in the Zoom call.

"Jimmy, wrong book!" Obama says. "Wrong book, Jimmy!"

After they quickly crash the next Zoom call, one incredulous person asks, "Was that for real?"

Fallon then quickly pops back on the screen. "Yeah, that was real," he says.

The two later pop up in bunny costumes and playing "When the Saints Go Marching In" as a group of lost musicians who think they're at a band practice.

Obama ends by reassuring some strangers that they weren't hallucinating that the former first lady just joined their Zoom.

"It wasn't an illusion," she says. "It really happened."

The former first lady joined in the fun with Fallon as she celebrates the release of her new Netflix children's show, which she also talked about on TODAY with Jenna Bush Hager earlier this week. They also touched on topics like the mental strain of the pandemic, the recent bombshell interview involving the former Meghan Markle, and how much she has "cherished" the time she has been able to spend with her daughters during the pandemic.