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Michael Lohan's private LiLo call goes public

A leaked voice mail reveals Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael, promising her he won't mouth off to the press, a promise he quickly and repeatedly broke.
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While Michael Lohan’s busy figuring out whether he has two daughters or maybe three, another scandal brews in the background. A newly leaked voice mail message reveals that the press-seeking pop recently begged his most famous offspring, Lindsay, to accept a heartfelt promise to never speak about her to the media again — except, you know, when he does.

“I've been trying to reach you for a week now,” Michael said in the voice mail featured on “I know that you were annoyed that I gave an interview, and my need to comment about the people you are around, and obviously you took offense to it. Honey, I'm sorry. I am telling you, I just love you. And I promise you, I absolutely promise you, I will not mention your name in the press, at all, ever again.”

According to the Gawker posting, the message was left for LiLo sometime before Michael allegedly wrote to Us Weekly about his daughter’s relationship with Samantha Ronson (and, of course, well before he later denied doing so). Since then, the proud papa’s invoked her name many times.

Despite all that, in the voice mail, Michael assured his eldest, “I promise you, I will not go back on it; I will not break my word.” He continued, “I promise you I'll keep questions out of the press when it comes to you. I promise. Just please, please, honey, call me or pick up the phone. You need to promise me.”

Spencer ends Mary-Kate feud Is the latest celebrity feud already history? Over the last week Spencer Pratt and Mary-Kate Olsen kicked off a war of words, but as far as “The Hills” star is concerned, it’s time to call the whole thing off.

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It all started last Thursday when the Olsen twin spoke to David Letterman about her former friend. After Mary-Kate revealed she knew the reality TV regular from his days on their high-school soccer team, the talk titan asked if she thought Spencer was “wormy.” Mary-Kate agreed and, just before deciding she shouldn’t talk about him, added, “He does not have a good temper. He walked out of a few games. He would walk off the field. He was like, 'Me or the coach!'”

Not surprisingly, Spencer fired back the next day, telling Us, “I know I've made it in Hollywood when a famous troll is talking about me on Letterman. I forgive her, though. She's had to go through life as the less-cute twin, which must be tough.”

It wasn’t long before the sleuths at Defamer dug up the back-story on the bad blood between the two. Apparently Spencer was once described by Details magazine as a guy “who will proudly tell you he made $50,000 in high school by selling a photo he took of Mary-Kate Olsen drinking at a party.” The memorable photo also featured the man himself.

Now, a more contrite Spence is ready to bury the hatchet and put an end to the dirt-digging. “I apologize for getting caught up in trash-talking, but she brought up an emotional subject when she mentioned the soccer stuff,” he told Us. “I respect Mary-Kate as a businesswoman. I'm secretly jealous of her. I want my face on a lunchbox, too!”

Dish on the flyThose hoping for a hook-up with newly single George Clooney, take heart. Despite rumors to the contrary, the “Leatherheads” star is still up for grabs. “He is not dating anyone at all,” a source told E! News. “Anyone who says he is already dating doesn't know what they are talking about.” … Armani poster boy David Beckham may be easy on the eyes, but he’s not so nose-friendly. Star magazine reports the soccer stud consumes so many fish-oil vitamins, he has a bad case of bass breath. “Becks is the spokesperson for Go3 (vitamins) — he even appears on the box — so he has to take it despite the consequences,” an insider revealed. “And he really believes in the product. He says it gives him more energy.” As for his malodorous mouth, David’s turned to breath mints, which, according to the source, “help, but not much!”

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