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Michael Lohan Domestic Violence Case Dismissed

Lindsay's not the only one enjoying her freedom this post-Fourth of July week.
/ Source: E!online

Lindsay's not the only one enjoying her freedom this post-Fourth of July week.

Her dad Michael Lohan can breathe a sigh of relief now that a Beverly Hills judge has quashed a misdemeanor domestic violence charge against him for allegedly roughing up ex-girlfriend, Kate Major, during an argument the two had last March.

So how'd he take the good news?

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Lohan's attorney, Dana Cole, tells E! News exclusively that "we are pleased to report that a Lohan finally won a criminal case."

"Kate did not want a spectacle," said the attorney. "She wanted this privately resolved and we are pleased this happened."

That's quite a change in tune from what Major told E! News in the days after the incident occurred.

Lohan got into this mess when he was arrested on March 21 and booked on three felony charges--inflicting corporal injury on a cohabitant, false imprisonment and preventing a report of victimization--after Major filed a domestic violence complaint.

She claimed he prevented her from leaving the apartment they shared after the two got into an ugly spat, prevented her from calling 911, and in the process, caused her minor injuries.

The Los Angeles D.A. subsequently charged Michael with a single misdemeanor count of corporal injury to a cohabitant. He denied the allegation, which could have landed him up to a year in county jail if convicted, and in a series of tweets accused Major of being a "Major liar."

Cole added that the two are still "good friends and hopefully they will remain this way."

For his part, Lohan kept his trap shut about the case and its resolution out of respect for Major. But he did address rumors going around that ex-wife Dina Lohan is being courted to appear on the upcoming fall season of ABC's Dancing With the Stars.

While he did not know if she was in talks with producers of the hit show, Michael had nothing but praise for her hoofing skills, telling E! "She's a great dancer," and that, "she would probably win."

Lohan also added that he spent the Fourth of July in Santa Monica with his daughters and everyone had a good time, though it doesn't appear to have included Lindsay.

A source close to the Mean Girls star tells E! Online exclusively that Lohan spent her Independence Day holiday with good friends on the beach in Malibu

"It was a very sober chillaxin 4th, tanning, swimming, the best firework show in the Bu + all of LA literally + friends. Most Mellow 4th ever," the source said via email.

--Additional reporting by Katie Rhames

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