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Michael Jackson turns efforts to Africa

Star will follow in Angelina Jolie’s footsteps, doing charity work in Rwanda.
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Will Michael Jackson be a thriller in Africa?

The singer’s much-hyped “comeback” performance at the World Music Awards didn’t go so well, but now apparently he’s joining the ranks of celebs such as Madonna and Angelina Jolie doing good deeds in Africa. Jackson will be turning his attention to Rwanda, according to a report.

“MichaelJackson will be here in June 2007, he confirmed this,” Kije Mugisha, the Deputy Director General of the Rwandan bureau of information told Africa News. She said that Jackson was interested in children’s education, health care and the media, but didn’t say how much the cash-strapped performer had committed.

“Michael Jackson is eager to know how many hospitals are in place in Rwanda and how he can help in improving people’s health here,” Kije Muisha, who also doubles as the director general of Rwanda television, said, adding that the star had also promised to help the national television. “He promised to do what he can afford to do. It could be in terms of equipment or any other assistance. We shall get to know much of that when he is here in June next year.”

Buy a piece of Tori
Tori Spelling — who has been selling off her clothes and household goods in online auctions — is also putting her house on the market.

The former “90210” star has been auctioning off her belongings through Sharon Yost, a Los Angeles woman who specializes in selling off estates belonging to film types, and now Yost is advertising on her Web site that Spelling’s Studio City house will be up for grabs on Dec. 8 through 10.

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