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Michael Jackson murals may go up for bid

Some of Michael Jackson’s art collection might end up on eBay.
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Some of Michael Jackson’s art collection might end up on eBay.

The singer reportedly owes thousands of dollars to an art-gallery owner in Santa Ynez Valley, California, and now the unhappy creditor is trying to figure out how to get his money back.

Jackson asked the gallery owner to frame two enormous mural portraits of himself: one frolicking with Peter Pan and another of him dancing in a rainbow of colors, according to the August/September issue of Santa Barbara magazine. In addition, Jackson purchased dozens of Norman Rockwell prints — all of children at play — and wanted them all framed.

“I don’t know what to do with these murals,” the gallery owner, who asked to remain anonymous, told the mag. “Maybe I’ll put them on eBay and see what I can get.”

And, despite Jackson’s rep’s claims that Neverland isn’t for sale, Santa Barbara reports that the singer’s menagerie of exotic animals is quietly being unloaded. “Jackson’s elephant sold to a big wheel [circus] near Los Angeles,” a source told the mag. “It’s also true that Jackson has four giraffes up for sale. His asking price: $35,000 a pair.”

Seeing red about KabbalahHas Ashton Kutcher had his fill of Kabbalah?

The star of “The Butterfly Effect” follows the trendy offshoot of Judaism in the steps of his wife, Demi Moore, but a source says he’s cooling on it.

“Ashton recently told Details magazine that he wears black if Demi does,” says the insider. “He follows Kabbalah with the same enthusiasm, but I think it’s getting a little old for him. She keeps on having to tell him to put on his red string.”

Notes from all overLooks like “The Sopranos” may have hit a sour note with .  ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” is a hot favorite among oddsmakers to win the Emmy for Best Drama Series (5/14 odds, i.e., win $5 for every $14 bet) while “The Sopranos” is a 33/1 long shot, according to online betting site  . . .  Melania Trump shops online. The mother of baby Barron Trump ordered the tyke a fake mink throw from Petite Tresor’s Web site.  . . . Sean Connery won’t be telling all. The original James Bond had signed up to write his autobiography, but has changed his mind, because, he says, there are so many false stories circulating about him that he wouldn’t be able to correct them all. “The problem was that I discovered there were 10 books about me and that I was going to have to spend the rest of my life trying to correct 10 books of inaccuracies,” Connery told Empire magazine. “And frankly it wasn't worth it, so I withdrew.''

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