Michael Douglas Defends Catherine Zeta-Jones From Pap Attack

by Josh Grossberg /  / Updated  / Source: E!online

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When it came to protecting his missus from an aggressive paparazzo, Michael Douglas unleashed his most basic instinct.

His strength apparently almost back to normal after undergoing successful treatment for throat cancer, the Oscar winner got physical Thursday with a London photographer who allegedly roughed up Catherine Zeta-Jones.

So just what happened exactly?

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The Welsh actress was just named a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in a ceremony honoring her film and charitable work when the pap attack occurred.

Per video obtained by Entertainment Tonight, following the ceremony the Douglases had just returned to their London hotel when their car was swarmed by shutterbugs. As they got out and made their way through, one particularly forceful photog apparently went a little too far in getting his shot.

"How dare you punch me!" a shocked Zeta-Jones declared as they made it to the lobby. "I want a police officer right now. He punched me! The guy coming in here, he punched me!"

Leaping into action to defend his wife, Douglas walked into the maelstrom and stared down the alleged perpetrator.

"It's you, asshole," said the actor, then grabbed the photographer and gave him a good shove at the entrance before hotel security separated the two.

No word whether a complaint was ever filed. Zeta-Jones' rep has not returned a phone call seeking comment. But Allen Burry, a publicist for Douglas, said the video speaks for itself.

"You saw it for yourself. Otherwise, the trip and the ceremony were fabulous and such a joy for everyone," said the rep.

Moral of the story: Don't mess with the Gekko.

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