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Michael Buble is stunned over fan's leg tattoo of his face: 'My wife doesn't even love me this much'

We’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve before, but this fan takes dedication to a whole new level.

Michael Bublé has some pretty dedicated fans, but one of them certainly has a leg up on the competition.

The singer just gave a shoutout to one of his biggest fans, Australian tattoo artist Jessica Rebell, and shared a photo of her intricate tattoo of his face.

In the photo, which the 47-year-old shared on Instagram, Bublé kneels on the floor as Rebell stands by his side. The singer sports a big grin as he holds up Rebell's left leg, which is covered in tattoos, for the camera.

Amid all her other artwork, Rebell sports a tattoo of Bublé's face set to the left side of a heart, and Bublé seemed to be floored by it.

"My wife doesn’t even love me this much," he captioned the post and added the hashtags #zoomin and #mindblown.

Rebell responded to the singer's post with the following comment: "❤️ ❤️ ❤️ @michaelbuble ❤️ ❤️ ❤️."

Many of the singer's fans appreciated his cheeky sense of humor.

"OMG everyone … he is only messing around. Lighten up people … see it for what it is … a joke," one wrote.

Another fan wrote, "I LOVE THIS 👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️."

Some fans, though, had mixed reactions to the singer’s witty caption.

“If he is just joking, it is a bad joke, is not even funny!” one wrote.

Later on, Bublé clarified his comment was "a joke" in a note he wrote in Spanish.

The singer is personally a fan of tattoos and debuted a new one in December 2022 in honor of his fourth child, Cielo. He has the names of all his children tattooed on his arm.

In May, the performer Grammy Award winner shared a sweet video that showed him reuniting with his family when he got home from tour.

“I’ve been gone from my kids and my wife for about a month and I missed them so much,” he said in the clip. “I’ve had so much fun on tour and I love the people I work for, all you beautiful people, but it’s nice to be home, and I came home.”