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Mexican Singer Paulina Rubio Arrested After Car Crash in Miami

Paulina Rubio fought the law this weekend in Miami...and the law won.
/ Source: E!online

Paulina Rubio fought the law this weekend in Miami...and the law won.

After crashing her BMW into another car Saturday, the Mexican pop singer was arrested near Miami's Little Havana.

It wasn't the smashup itself that landed the Latin sensation in handcuffs, however, but a clash with cops after the accident.

So what did Rubio do to provoke the police--and how did her 6-month-old baby save her a trip to the slammer?

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According to the arrest report, Rubio was asked to get out of her car but refused, cursing at one officer on the scene and telling police, "All of you Miami cops are abusive."

The report goes on to say that after Rubio refused the officer's requests, she began to "frantically" make phone calls, in a "very agitated" state, and told the cop, "I'm not getting out of the car!"

Rubio was still behind the wheel when she became more aggressive and frantic, according to the report, with the cop expressing concern for everyone's safety.

She began yelling: "What the f--k do you want me to do? I just had an accident and I'm very nervous. That's why people don't like you because all you Miami cops are abusive."

Rubio continued to yell and scream as a crowd gathered around her and she refused to step out of harm's way and onto the sidewalk.

Once she was handcuffed and being placed into a patrol car, Rubio began yelling to onlookers "Help! Help! I didn't do anything! Look what they're doing! Help! Abusers! You bunch of liars! Help!"

She also informed police they'd "regret" their actions and said she was calling her attorney.

Rubio was charged with refusing to obey a lawful command and eventually calmed down and apologized.

She was not taken into custody due to an "extenuating circumstance": she needed to breastfeed her baby.

Rubio was ordered to appear in court on charges of disorderly conduct, obstruction of justice and refusal to obey a lawful command.

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