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Meryl Streep recalls prom dress mishap: 'I kept my arms pinned to my sides'

"I was 14, I had nothing to hold up the dress except my arm," Streep said.
/ Source: TODAY

Meryl Streep recalled a wardrobe malfunction she had on her prom night. Despite the mishap, she still managed to play it cool.

"I had a pretty little dress that my mother had made me. It had two little spaghetti straps," Streep told People. "I walked out to the car and I plopped down in the front seat and both spaghetti straps popped off."

Streep, 71, said she "tried to tuck them underneath" her dress.

"I was 14, I had nothing to hold up the dress except my arm," she said. "So I kept my arms pinned to my sides for four and a half hours at my prom."

While Streep handled the snafu like a pro, it sounds like her wardrobe issue might have made it difficult to dance.

Fast forward 57 years after her own prom, Streep is starring in the Netflix musical "The Prom." The musical follows a group of self-obsessed Broadway actors who travel to a conservative town in Indiana to help Emma, a high school student who was banned from bringing her girlfriend to the prom. The actors say their intentions are good but they also are hoping to attract some good press after their show flopped on Broadway.

Director Ryan Murphy shared a photo of the star-studded cast in August, which includes Nicole Kidman, Kerry Washington, Keegan Michael-Key and James Corden, along with newcomer Jo Ellen Pellman, who stars as Emma.

"The Prom" will be released Friday on Netflix.