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Meryl Streep, Candice Bergen and Dianne Wiest have a ball with Hoda (as they figure out Zoom)

The three Hollywood legends are more about acting skills than IT skills.
/ Source: TODAY

Meryl Streep, Candice Bergen and Dianne Wiest have few peers in Hollywood when it comes to their acting skills.

Not so much when it comes to their Zoom skills.

The three actors experienced some technical difficulties at the beginning of a joyful virtual interview with Hoda Kotb about their new movie on TODAY Wednesday.

Hoda couldn't help but smile as Streep, 71, Bergen, 74, and Wiest, 72, tried to connect to the call with varying results.

"We lost Candice but maybe she'll come back," Hoda says at one point as Bergen's screen during the Zoom call shows a shot of a bowl with lip balm in it on top of a sink.

Stand by for Candice Bergen, she's still getting the hang of this whole Zoom thing. TODAY

"Am I on the right call?" Bergen says.

"My link didn't work," Wiest then adds. "Just went through a whole catastrophe."

Once Bergen gets connected, she is at a funky angle, prompting Hoda to ask her assistant to put her computer on a book to lift up the screen, only for the screen to then go black.

"I'm new in the business," Bergen deadpans.

Bergen is still adjusting to the virtual communication via Zoom that has become standard during the pandemic.

"Well, let me tell you what I think of it," she said. "I think it's a crock of ... I am so useless in all of this. Oy."

"That's a technical term, 'Oy,' that she used," Streep joked.

Candice Bergen has not adjusted well to life with Zoom. TODAY

The three actors, who have a combined five Oscars and 12 Golden Globe awards between them, have starring roles in the new Steven Soderbergh moving "Let Them All Talk" on HBO Max.

The film was shot in only 10 days during a live voyage of the luxury cruise ship Queen Mary 2. It's based around a Pulitzer Prize-winning author played by Streep who invites her two estranged college friends to accompany her on the cruise.

Almost all of the dialogue in the film is improvised.

"I love improvising though," Wiest said. "I just love it so much because you're so really free to look at the other person and really listen."

When not filming movies guerrilla style in 10 days, Streep and Bergen have also enjoyed time with new grandchildren.

"My grandkid calls me Mimi," Streep said.

"Mine is 6 months old so he just calls me 'gaaah,'" Bergen said.

Maybe when they're old enough they can help them get a handle on any new technology they may need to use.