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A-to-the-Men! NBC Orders Two Additional Episodes of Community

All is right with the world--there's more Community on the way!
/ Source: E!online

All is right with the world--there's more Community on the way!

Sources close to the show confirm that NBC has ordered two additional episodes of Community, making the second season a full 24 episodes.

So what exactly does this mean for Joel McHale and Co.?

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NBC's two-episode order (first reported by our friends over at HitFix ) means exactly one thing--Communies (as we call ourselves) get an extra hour of Greendale goodness this season!

OK, it means a little more than that, but we're a little excited. Community has been considered an on-the-bubble show for much of last season and a chunk of its sophomore year, but the additional pickup is (we hope) a sign of good things to come for our funny fave.

It's also an indication that the Peacock net is standing behind the series even in the face of it's new CBS rival (and ratings-killer), The Big Bang Theory.

Maybe it was last week's zombie-tinged boost in viewers, or maybe it's simply the fact that Community is hilarious and deserves to be on the air. Either way, we'll take it.

And NBC...thank you.

Don't miss Community Thursdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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