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‘Melrose Place’ abuzz with Locklear rumors

Recently the rumors have surfaced again that Locklear has been approached to appear on the new incarnation of the show.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Stars of The CW’s “Melrose Place” reboot stepped out over the weekend for their premiere party where one infamous blonde was on everyone’s lips — Heather Locklear.

When news first broke that primetime soap was coming back, reports of Heather Locklear reprising her role as uber-bitch Amanda Woodward were quickly shot down. But recently the rumors have surfaced again that Locklear has been approached.

“I saw a little something, something on the Internet,” a wide-eyed Josie Bissett, who is reprising her role as Jane Andrews Mancini, told’s Laura Saltman about Locklear’s rumored return. “I hope so!”

Katie Cassidy, who stars as Ella Sims, the newest blonde cutthroat female on the show, said she would welcome Locklear to the set with open arms. “I think it’s great. Heather Locklear is amazing and we would be more than thrilled – Heather — if you came on our show,” Cassidy, the daughter of David Cassidy, said.

Cassidy said she feels there could be some potential catfights with Amanda if Locklear chooses to return. “They’re both business women,” Cassidy noted. “I think there could be some really fun material happening there. It would be an honor to have her on. So hopefully… We’ll see.”

Daphne Zuniga, who has signed on to return as Jo Reynolds for two episodes, said she would enjoy seeing Locklear back on screen. She believes that the new “Melrose Place” bad girls can’t compete with how wicked Locklear made Amanda.

“No one is Heather,” Zuniga said. “Nobody. The new (bitch on the show), I think her name is Ella, she’s lovely, she’s great as being a bitch, but nobody is Heather Locklear as far as that goes.”

“Melrose Place” premiers on The CW on Tuesday, Sept. 8 at 9 p.m.