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Melissa McCarthy stars in painful — and hilarious — Super Bowl ad for Kia

The "Ghostbusters" star is an eco-warrior in the ad, and it's her most agonizing role yet.
/ Source: TODAY

Melissa McCarthy is the hero we need right now ... even if it means a lot of pain and suffering for her.

Just watch the “Ghostbusters” star in action in this Super Bowl ad for the Kia Niro. She receives a phone call asking her to help save the whales. No problem, says McCarthy: “I love whales!”

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Once she’s out in the ocean, she learns the whales don’t love her back — definitely not the one that lands on her watercraft, sending her airborne right into the side of a ship. Ouch!

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McCarthy is also called upon to save the trees, save the ice caps, and save the rhinos, and with each mission she is unable to save herself from disaster.

Don't look behind you, Melissa.KIA

“It’s hard to be an eco-warrior, but it’s easy to drive like one,” the voiceover explains in the commercial, which was created by the David&Goliath agency.

The fact that Kia picked McCarthy, who Salon dubbed "the new face of slapstick humor" in 2013, surprises us not a bit. With her wide eyes and exaggerated expressions (plus a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the joke), she always has us in stitches.

We've seen her on "Saturday Night Live" really getting into her ranch dressing, emoting dramatically through a lip sync battle on "The Tonight Show" and of course just being the often clumsy Sookie on "Gilmore Girls."

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And bonus points to Kia for using the Bonnie Tyler hit “Holding Out for a Hero” for the ad.

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