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See 'SNL' outtakes of Melissa McCarthy rolling around town as Sean Spicer

Filming the "Saturday Night Live" scenes with Melissa McCarthy dressed as Sean Spicer in New York prompted some hilarious outtakes.
/ Source: TODAY

Melissa McCarthy returned to host "Saturday Night Live" this past weekend, and of course the highlight of the night was her portrayal of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer — aka "Spicey."

While the sketch begins where most Spicey-centric sketches do, in the White House press briefing room, things take a turn when reporters question whether Spicer and Trump are really friends. It's at this moment that the Spicey character hauls his motorized podium all the way to the streets of New York City in search of the president.

Filming the scenes on a crowded Manhattan street couldn't have been easy, but it prompted some hilarious outtakes — including a fun sequence involving a hotdog vendor.

"SNL" recently shared the unseen footage of McCarthy and the crew making their way around town. While the show is known for keeping its material under wraps until airing, when you're filming in one of the busiest cities in the world, secrecy can become a bit of a challenge!

"The good thing is nobody knows we're shooting," quips McCarthy in front of a smartphone-wielding crowd. "This has definitely stayed under cover."

When the sketch's director, Paul Briganti, asks the 46-year-old actress to look up at a building, she appears delighted to see a group of people waving back at her through the windows.

And as McCarthy rides around town, passers-by are heard greeting her warmly, yelling out things like "Spicey!" and "We love you, Melissa!"

It seems like the whole city was excited to see Spicey back in action!