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Watch Melissa McCarthy return as Sean Spicer on 'SNL'

The actress reprised her impression of the White House press secretary, speaking loudly and carrying a big stick of gum.
/ Source: TODAY

What, you thought Melissa McCarthy’s impersonation of White House press secretary Sean Spicer on “Saturday Night Live” was a one-time-only performance?

No way! After all that buzz from her appearance last week, what choice did she have but to put on her suit and blond wig again for the latest episode of “SNL”?

This time, we saw a kinder, gentler Sean Spicer interacting with reporters ... for the first minute or two, anyway.

“I’d just like to announce that I’m calm now!” McCarthy said as Spicer, in a voice that was anything but calm.

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She then poked fun again at Spicer’s penchant for chewing lots and lots of gum, forcing into her mouth the largest piece of gum you’ll ever see into her mouth.

And then she lost her cool while fielding questions, at one point pulling out her “dollies” to explain President Trump's concept of “extreme vetting” of immigrants.

But her lecturing was nothing compared to the mighty force of her leaf blower.

We can only imagine what kind of props McCarthy will pull out the next time she plays Spicer.

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Later in the episode, Alec Baldwin, hosting the show for a record 17th time, reprised his President Trump character in a sketch inspired by “The People’s Court.”

The last time we checked, neither President Trump nor Sean Spicer had commented on the episode. Spicer did comment on the first McCarthy skit to “Extra” last week, saying it was a “funny” show but that the actress "could dial back" a bit.

As for President Trump, well, we all know how he feels about “SNL.”

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