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Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer recall bringing a puppy to 'Price Is Right' audition

The close pals shared the funny story during a virtual visit to Ellen DeGeneres' talk show.
/ Source: TODAY

Like most pals, Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy have gotten into their fair share of shenanigans over the course of their friendship. And they just dished on one hilarious story from years ago during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

The close friends, who co-star in the upcoming film "Thunder Force," couldn't help but laugh as they recalled a time when they auditioned for "The Price Is Right" together and brought a puppy along for the experience.

Spencer and McCarthy weren't yet famous at the time, and they were excited to audition for their chance to be on the popular game show. Plus, McCarthy felt like luck was on their side since her best friend is "bizarrely lucky."

"She's the one that walks through a casino and touches a slot machine and it tips over and she's covered in gold bullion. She's just super lucky. Her karma's, not shockingly, wonderful," the 50-year-old told DeGeneres.

The night before their "Price is Right" audition, McCarthy ended up going out and came home with an unexpected furry friend.

"I may have been in a bar the night before on Melrose Avenue called the Snake Pit. And some real jerk was trying to sell a puppy in a bad way," she said. "He wanted $62.50, (and) I had $3.11, so everyone in the bar chipped in money to get this puppy away from this guy."

The actor soon found herself with a puppy at 12:30 a.m. and decided to get some sleep before she had to be at the "Price Is Right" studio at 5 a.m.

As her friend shared the story, Spencer giggled in the background, especially when McCarthy revealed that she brought the pup along with her for her audition.

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Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer, seen here in 2012, have been close friends for more than 20 years.Jeff Vespa / Getty Images

At that point, DeGeneres was a bit confused, though, and asked: "What did you do with it at 'The Price Is Right'?"

As McCarthy described, one of her friends watched the puppy while she went to audition, but the actor did have to stand in line with the pooch for quite some time — and she wasn't exactly prepared.

"I did not expect the night before to be adopting a puppy. So I had old vintage scarves around its neck. I was like 'Oh, this is not a good idea. This is like a choking mechanism.' So I had to just keep holding this wiggly puppy," she said.

DeGeneres was understandably amused and happy that McCarthy rescued the pup.

"I think that's a wonderful story that you took the puppy away from somebody who was selling it in a bad way, especially at midnight," she said.