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Melissa McCarthy, Nicole Kidman 'fight' in funny 'Nine Perfect Strangers' outtake

The pair end up laughing at the end of the faux "battle."
/ Source: TODAY

Take that, Melissa McCarthy! No, you take that, Nicole Kidman!

Hey, it's a celebrity battle!

Two of the many stars of "Nine Perfect Strangers" began cracking us up Wednesday with an Instagram video showing some truly poor mock-fight choreography. As McCarthy wrote in the caption, "Sometimes things get super weird in a bamboo forest."

In the video, McCarthy (in her floral muumuu) and Kidman (in her long white sundress) square off on a path amid a grove of trees. McCarthy "punches" first, throwing her fist toward Kidman. Then it's Kidman's turn, and she hauls off with a lift of her foot, right at McCarthy's face!

And nobody got hurt, since they didn't really even come close to whacking each other. The only real casualty is McCarthy's left shoe, which falls off as she's about to taste Kidman's sole. "She knocked me off my Chanel," McCarthy seems to say, referring to the lost footwear.

Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy hanging out at the Telluride Film Festival 2018 in Telluride, Colorado.Vivien Killilea / Getty Images

Hey, at least she didn't get bitten by a bug again, as she did while in Australia shooting the miniseries.

McCarthy, 50, and Kidman, 54, are co-starring in the Hulu series, which premiered Wednesday on the streaming service. Kidman plays a wellness guru, McCarthy a romance novelist scammed by an online boyfriend, who's come to a retreat looking for help. Though from what we can tell, if they end up on a path trying to knock each other out, something's gone horribly wrong!

Maybe McCarthy was done with Kidman only agreeing to perform as her character, Masha, during the five months of shooting the miniseries.

Fortunately, the whole thing ends up just fine: After Kidman lowers her leg, she turns triumphantly to the camera and grins, while McCarthy turns back to retrieve her shoe. All fun and games, right?