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Melissa McCarthy: My 'insane' movie characters are 'the opposite of me'

While Melissa McCarthy is known for her hilarious, foul-mouthed characters like Michelle Darnell in her new movie "The Boss,'' her home life is anything but R-rated.

"I have two little girls, (so) we don't say shut up. We can't say anything at home, and I don't speak like that at all,'' McCarthy told Matt Lauer on TODAY Monday. "I think it's part of the fun of acting is you get to play these characters that kick in doors, say insane things, swear like a sailor — it is the opposite of me. To play myself, I'd be totally bored."

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Melissa McCarthy on her 'insane' characters: I'm 'not at all' R-rated at home

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Melissa McCarthy on her 'insane' characters: I'm 'not at all' R-rated at home

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In "The Boss,'' McCarthy plays Darnell, a wealthy, egocentric character she developed 16 years ago while performing with The Groundlings, an improvisational comedy troupe in Los Angeles. The movie was directed by her husband, Ben Falcone, who will appear on TODAY Tuesday.

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"I could never shake her,'' she said of the character. "She fascinated me, and getting to play that kind of energy, 10 years later I was still talking about her."

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TODAY Show: Melissa McCarthy stops by Studio 1A to discuss her hilarious new movie "The Boss." -- April 4, 2016

McCarthy is also part of the cast of the much-anticipated all-female "Ghostbusters" that will be released in July.

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"We're constantly cutting ourselves on the proton packs,'' she said. "That's like an insider scoop. And it's going to be scarier than you think."

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