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Melissa McCarthy, the best of friends, invites drivers to honk for injured Mariska Hargitay

We all need a pal like this!
/ Source: TODAY

Mariska Hargitay has had a run of bad luck this summer. Last week, the “Law & Order: SVU” star shared a photo of herself following a recent injury that left her right ankle in a cast, and just six weeks before that, she suffered a broken knee, a torn ligament and a hairline fracture of her other ankle.

Of course, her friends and fans have flooded her with get-well messages on social media, and some have even sent beautiful bouquets her way. But when it comes to gestures of support, no one can outdo pal Melissa McCarthy.

On Tuesday, the actor and comedian shared a new video on Instagram, and if it’s true that laughter is the best medicine, Hargitay has to be feeling better already after seeing this.

In the clip, an enthusiastic McCarthy, decked out in a green jumpsuit with a black baseball cap and matching mask, can be seen standing in front of a Wienerschnitzel and holding up a sign that implored Burbank drivers to “Honk if you’re praying for Mariska Hargitay’s recovery!!!” She even affixed a photo of Capt. Olivia Benson, in case anyone needed an extra reason to reach for their horns.

And they did! Honks can be heard throughout the video.

This is how friendship is done.
This is how friendship is done.melissamccarthy / Instagram

“If you can’t produce quality care for your friend after ankle surgery, the next best (thing) is obviously standing outside Wienerschnitzel with a sign,” the 50-year-old wrote in the caption.

Hargitay seemed to agree with that sentiment. When she shared the same clip with her followers, she wrote, “Above and beyond. Honk if you’re blown away by @melissamccarthy’s heart and humor. Might be worth breaking my ankle for.”

Hargitay even later hopped in the comments on TODAY's Instagram post about the incident.

"If this isn’t true friendship, we don’t know what is!" we had captioned the picture.

"Truth!" Hargitay quipped. "A joybringer! That’s what she is!"

Earlier this week, the 57-year-old gave her fans a peek at how another friend had helped her.

Hargitay posted a selfie showing off a pink-and-purple kids’ walkie-talkie that “SVU” writer Brianna Yellen gave her, and she wrote, “Thanks @blyellen I had no idea how much I needed these. Because when you’re laid up, you need a little help when you have to go 10-1.”

If those gestures don’t inspire her to get back on her feet soon (and stay there this time), we don’t know what will.