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Melissa McCarthy breaks down in tears after seeing 'Million Dollar Baby' for 1st time

McCarthy shared video of her emotional reaction to the Oscar-winning film.
/ Source: TODAY

Note: This story contains spoilers for "Million Dollar Baby."

The 2004 movie "Million Dollar Baby" is a real tear-jerker.

Which is something that Melissa McCarthy apparently hadn't been warned about before watching it recently for the first time.

In an Instagram video she posted Friday, we get an insight into just what a wreck the comedian was just after watching the film, and suffice it to say it was not just about boxing:

"For no understandable reason I had never seen Million Dollar Baby. Here is my eloquent and intellectual review," she wrote in the caption.

The video shows McCarthy sitting in a comfy seat, wearing a Fleetwood Mac "Rumours" T-shirt, hanging with a friend, and practically hysterical with tears.

Melissa McCarthy was moved by Hilary Swank's performance in "Million Dollar Baby."Mike Coppola/Getty Images, Warner Bros

"I just thought it was going to be a boxing movie and it wasn't," she said to the camera, while wiping away tears.

"This is one of my favorite things about you," her "Thunder Force" co-star Octavia Spencer wrote in the comments.

And Hilary Swank's performance, which earned the actor an Academy Award? "Oh, my God, she was perfect," said McCarthy.

That's just about the right tone for the film, which details the ascent of a scrappy waitress who longs to become a boxer, and who convinces a cranky Clint Eastwood to train her, with Morgan Freeman assisting. But this isn't just a rags-to-riches success story (beware, a spoiler is coming): A sucker punch during a big match leaves Swank's character a quadriplegic.

Eastwood with Swank in "Million Dollar Baby"Warner Bros

It was just the right blend of heart and sorrow to win a best picture award at the Oscars, plus acting awards for Swank and Freeman and a director award for Eastwood.