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Melissa McCarthy back on 'SNL' -- who's hungry for ranch dressing?

NBC / Today
H-V-R! H-V-R! Melissa McCarthy gets a faceful of Hidden Valley Ranch during her first hosting appearance on "SNL."

Melissa McCarthy is returning to host "Saturday Night Live" this week and we've got two reasons why we hope that's great news: Arlene and Linda.

Our two favorite skits from her October 2011 hosting stint were her overly sexually aggressive office worker, Arlene, and her overly excited salad dressing taste-tester, Linda.

Both characters are certainly reminiscent of Megan, the "Bridesmaids" character which earned McCarthy an Oscar nomination. The film was a hit in theaters as McCarthy was tapped for her first "SNL" appearance.

You'll never looks at a horse balloon or a bottle of ranch dressing the same way again.

Check out the promos for McCarthy's return on April 6. The musical guest is Phoenix.

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