Meghan Trainor knew she'd met her 'Future Husband' after just 1 month

/ Source: TODAY

Last month, Meghan Trainor's main man, Daryl Sabara, got down on one knee and surprised her by popping the question.

But, as the "Dear Future Husband" singer revealed to Hoda Kotb while guest hosting the fourth hour of TODAY Tuesday, it came as no surprise to him when she said yes.

In fact, the topic of nuptials came up shortly after they started dating a year and a half ago.

It all started when Trainor's pal, actress Chloe Grace Moretz, introduced her to the former "Spy Kids" star.

"I said, 'I need you to find me a nice guy,' and she said, 'I know the nicest guy in the world. His name is Daryl. Let's go on a double date,'" Trainor recalled. "And that night we count as our anniversary, because it was just ..."

She clapped her hands together to represent the spark.

"I think that's when I knew," she said. "He came up to me during bowling and said, 'I just want to know about you. Just tell me more about you."

A few weeks later, things were serious.

"We talked about getting married (by) month one," she confessed, adding, "I was aggressive. I wrote a song called, 'Marry Me.'"

He got the hint — and he felt exactly the same way.


Now the pop star is looking ahead to a wedding that might be big or might be an elopement, all she really knows for sure right now is that she's going to be marrying her ultimate Mr. Right.

"He's such a gentleman and every door, to this day, that I go through, he opens it," she beamed.