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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry help couple take cute picture while hiking in Canada

The royal parents were out enjoying the nice weather on New Year’s Day when they stopped to assist a young couple struggling with a selfie stick.
Asymina Kantorowicz and her boyfriend were shocked to see the woman who had offered to help snap their picture was none other than Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.
Asymina Kantorowicz and her boyfriend were shocked to see the woman who had offered to help snap their picture was none other than Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.Asymina Kantorowicz
/ Source: TODAY

The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex stopped to help a couple take a scenic picture while out on a hike New Year’s Day on their Canadian holiday.

Iliya Pavlovic and Asymina Kantorowicz had packed a picnic lunch and hiked Vancouver Island's Horth Hill Regional Park on Wednesday when they decided to take a nice photo together using their selfie stick.

“We were just finishing up (lunch) and I said ‘Let’s try taking a selfie, it’s a nice scenic backdrop,” Kantorowicz told TODAY on Thursday. She said they snapped a few photos and were looking at them on the phone when two dogs walked up to them.

“We hear a woman approach us and ask if we’d like her to take our photo and we said yes right away,” she explained.

She noticed one of the women hiking with the group looked like “Suits” actress Abigail Spencer and just as she was about to dismiss that notion, she turned to the woman preparing to take her picture.

“When I looked up, there’s Meghan smiling back at me, waiting for us to take this photo!” she laughed. “Then I looked over at the rest of the group, and there’s Prince Harry with another dog.”

Kantorowicz said she made a joke about how they’d tried to take the picture unsuccessfully with a selfie stick.

“No pressure, Meghan,” Prince Harry joked, Kantorowicz said.

She added the former Meghan Markle said something along the lines of “Well, I guess I better do a better job than the selfie stick!”

Kantorowicz, who is a local news producer for CTV Vancouver Island, told a friend about the incident Thursday and immediately their newsroom just had to cover it.

“I had just mentioned to one of my girlfriends I work with and she was like ‘What?!’” Kantorowicz laughed.

She said once her station posted the article, everything snowballed. She said she’s been contacted by news media across the world.

“I honestly felt like yesterday was a dream,” she said Thursday. “I actually turned to my boyfriend and said ‘Is this real?’”

Kantorowicz said baby Archie hadn’t been with the royal couple, but she wished he had been.

“I feel like I would’ve been more comfortable if Archie were there,” she chuckled. “I would’ve started talking about the baby. But I was in shock, I had no words.”

She added as soon as the royals left, she had wished she’d played it a little more cool.

“But we didn’t want to cause a scene — they seemed so relaxed and happy,” she said. “It was so nice of them to approach us and offer to take our photo.”

Kantorowicz said the pictures were “definitely” better than their initial attempts with the selfie stick, so between that and the duchess’ recent snap of baby Archie and his dad on holiday, it seems we know who the designated photographer is in the House of Sussex!