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Royal rehearsal? Watch young Meghan Markle play queen in old home movie

New footage of Meghan Markle, who is set to marry Prince Harry in May, has surfaced of her as a child playing a queen.
/ Source: TODAY

Meghan Markle will marry into Britain's royal family on May 19 when she ties the knot with Prince Harry, but as we've just learned, she's actually got a little experience running a royal household.

Footage of Markle as a sweet 8-year-old playing in a friend's backyard has surfaced, and in it the game of the day appears to be: Meghan is the queen!

The video shows Markle making a "movie" called "Your Royal Highness." Markle, who went on to act in Hollywood on shows like "Suits" and "Deal or No Deal," pretends to start the production by calling out "take one!" and then slides right into character.

Her friends greet her as "your highness," and she orders them to do things like "make me 900,000 cookies and sew me a nice dress."

Apparently she's having a big meeting with people from "Florida and Canada, Mississippi, Missouri."

Alas, the 900,000 cookies and the dress never do materialize, but there's still plenty of playing on the gym equipment and hula-hooping to go around.

The fiancee of Britain's Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, reacts after a visit to a science park called Catalyst Inc., in Belfast
We wonder if Prince Harry knows of Meghan Markle's desire for nearly a million cookies.POOL / Reuters

But stick around, because at one point we even get to see Markle wearing a crown!

It seems unlikely that any of this will come in handy, but that doesn't matter much. We're just royally enchanted with her performance!

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