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Meghan Markle drinks from baby bottle, eats like chipmunk in ‘Ellen’ prank

The Duchess of Sussex ate food like a chipmunk, drank from a baby bottle and pretended to be a cat as part of the elaborate joke. 
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, sports cat ears during a prank segment on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, sports cat ears during a prank segment on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."EllenTube / YouTube
/ Source: TODAY

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is showing off her silly side.

The royal stopped by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" this week and participated in one of the comedian’s well-known pranks.

Ellen DeGeneres introduced the segment and said, "When Meghan and I were talking about her doing the show, the first thing you said to me is I want to do one of those IFBs," referring to the earpiece worn by broadcasters, which stands for interruptible feedback.

Meghan chimed in and cheered, "Oh, I love them. Yes!"

The talk show host explained that sometimes vendors sell a variety of items at the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, California, where the show is filmed.

DeGeneres revealed that earlier in the day, hidden cameras were set up so that Meghan could venture to each vendor booth and shop while wearing the hidden secret earpiece. 

The duchess, who was given a purse with mysterious items in it, would have to complete whatever DeGeneres instructed her to do.

Meghan was also accompanied by one of DeGeneres' writers, Allison, who used the alias "Pwamma" for the segment.

In the prank video, the former "Suits" actor touched her nose and elbow and squatted with a loud grunt to indicate she could hear the comedian.

She then approached a table where a vendor was selling crystals.

"Pwamma watch me!" the former Meghan Markle said as she touched all the crystals like a child. 

She comically repeated "good energy" to herself. 

"I have healing powers! Can you feel my powers?" she asked the confused seller. 

After an awkward silence, Meghan picked up one of the crystals and held it to her forehead while chanting. 

The duchess then made her way over to a hot sauce stand.  

When the vendor explained his products, Meghan replied, "Let mommy taste some."

"My boo loves hot sauce so I want to try some," she explained, of course referring to Prince Harry. 

DeGeneres told Meghan to bounce up and down with excitement in anticipation for a sample. 

Following DeGeneres' instructions, the duchess then ate multiple tortilla chips like a chipmunk before shoving an entire chip in her mouth.  

To make the interaction even more hilarious, Meghan pulled out a baby bottle filled with milk from her prop purse and began to drink it. 

Still referring to herself as "mommy," the British royal told the final vendor, Yasmine, a joke. 

"Why did the elephant put his trunk in the cookie jar?" she asked.

Since DeGeneres did not reveal the punchline, Meghan and Yasmine just stared at each other in silence. 

Switching the subject, Meghan said, "You know what I do for my kids to entertain them?," before removing two pairs of cat ears from her purse for her and "Pwamma."

Meghan put on the accessory and said she dresses like a cat for her children.

She started to sing, "I’m a kitten mew mew mew/ You’re a kitten mew mew mew" as "Pwamma" joined her.

Finally, DeGeneres arrived to explain the joke as everyone laughed.

Meghan's visit to "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" marked her first appearance on a daytime talk show since she became a duchess in 2018. 

During her interview, Meghan also told a story about driving to auditions in a "very, very old" Ford Explorer Sport and recalled a night out she had with her husband five years ago before the public knew about their relationship.

"(Harry) came to see me in Toronto, and our friends and his cousin Eugenie and now her husband, Jack, they came as well, and the four of us snuck out in Halloween costumes to just have one fun night on the town before it was out in the world that we were a couple," she explained.

Meghan added, "It was a post-apocalypse theme, so we had all this very bizarre costuming on, and we were able to just kind of have one final, fun night out."