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Meg Ryan unmasked

Meg Ryan is raising eyebrows with some shocking scenes in her new film, but it’s not just the nudity that has people buzzing. Jeannette Walls Delivers the Scoop.
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Meg Ryan is raising eyebrows with some shocking scenes in her new film, but it’s not just the nudity that has people buzzing. Hollywood’s former queen of romantic comedies is starring in the surprisingly explicit “In The Cut,” which is playing at the Toronto Film Festival.

The film “has at least half-a-dozen scenes of star Meg Ryan getting very naked and very nasty with co-star Mark Ruffalo in just about every conceivable way,” notes web site Ain’t It Cool. And opines the San Francisco Chronicle: “Seeing Ryan topless is a jolt, but watching her simulate masturbation is a revelation.”

But a source who saw “In the Cut” tells the Scoop that the most shocking thing about Ryan is above her neck. “Her face looks odd and frozen,” says the source. “It’s sort of like watching a Halloween mask.”

Rumors have abounded regarding Ryan and Botox or collagen, but her spokewoman insists Ryan hasn’t had any work done. “Lots of people have seen the film and it’s a very serious film and she’s getting great response,” says the rep. “I don’t know what you’re referring to, but so far as her having any sort of surgery, that’s not true.”

Plastic Paltrow Band?

Will Gwyneth Paltrow be the new Yoko Ono?

The “Shakespeare in Love” star is dating Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, and published reports claim that she’ll be singing on the band’s upcoming album.

“Gwyneth enjoys singing and has actually impressed critics in the past with her voice, performing with Huey Lewis in the movie ‘Duets’ three years ago,” reports the London Sun. “She plans to sing on at least two tracks for Coldplay’s next album.” Paltrow’s rep, however, dismisses the reports, calling them “one hundred percent false.”

But according to one report, Paltrow actually has been taking singing lesson. “We all tell her she has a great voice but she still wants to take singing lessons so she’s just perfect,” says a source. “She’s not trying to barge in on the band but it may well add an extra dimension to Coldplay’s music.”

Notes from all over

Not everyone was amused by the woman who “married” George Clooney. The actor was at the Venice Film Festival answering questions about “Intolerable Cruelty” when an Italian interviewer proposed to him. “She sort of took over the press conference and was going on and on about how the first time she met George, and then she takes out a veil and a ring and the cameraman acted as a priest,” Clooney’s rep, Stan Rosenfield, tells The Scoop. “She wasn’t even very funny. She’s done this before, to a number of stars including Leonardo. I’m really surprised the other reporters didn’t boo her — that’s what would have happened in most press conferences — because she was taking away from everyone else’s time.” . . . Princess Diana’s sons will inherit her money earlier than expected. Princes William and Harry, aged 21 and 18, were scheduled to get income from their late mothers fortune, estimated at more than $30 million, when they turned 25 and to have access to the principal when they hit 30, but thanks to recent negotiations, they’ll start drawing a regular allowance later this year. The word is that it will give them more independence. . . .

“American Idol” star Simon Cowell has boasted of his romantic conquests, but his mother, Julie Cowell, says she doesn’t approve of his running with wild women and wishes he would settle down and get hitched. “He’s very careful who he brings home,” the 78-year-old mother told the London Daily Star. “He doesn’t bring any of his lapdancers on a pole here.”

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