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Meg Ryan frosty, not perky in UK

Meg Ryan continues to lose friends and alienate people. Jeannette Walls Delivers the Scoop.
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Meg Ryan continues to lose friends and alienate people. The once-perky star appeared on a British TV show last week and was rude and frosty and one source says she nearly walked off the set.

“She gave one-word answers, and was visibly bored and annoyed and snappish,” says the source. Finally, the chat was going so poorly that interviewer Michael Parkinson appealed to Ryan, saying that since she had studied journalism in college, how would she handle an interview that was going badly.

“Wrap it up,” Ryan coolly told him.

Afterwards, Parkinson complained off-air that Ryan was one of the most difficult, disagreeable stars he had ever interviewed, though he insisted he enjoyed it.

Ryan’s spokeswoman, however, blames Parkinson for the on-air fiasco. “Meg was very surprised by the tone the interviewer took,” she told The Scoop. “It was an aggressive interview. She was put on the spot. Meg tried to be as honest as possible, but it was a very uncomfortable experience.”

Then the spokeswoman played the gender card. “To be honest,” she said, “I don’t think he would have tried this if Meg was a man.”

Skinny Smith
Did Anna Nicole Smith’s weight loss save her reality-show career?

The one-time scale-tipping widow was hired by a diet-pill company, TrimSpa, and looks like she’s dropped 60 pounds. When her ads debuted last night, a source says the company’s Web site was so overloaded that it crashed.

“The ratings of her show had fallen pretty hard and the people at E! were raising serious questions about the future of her show,” says a source. “But the feeling is that now with that weight loss, it will give her show a new lease on life. I mean, the Anna fat jokes were getting tired.”

Notes from all over
Samantha Morton claims that Miramax execs Bob and Harvey Weinstein didn’t want her to star in “The Brothers Grimm” because she wasn’t skinny enough. “Bob and Harvey Weinstein don’t want me to do it because the tops of my arms are too fat,” the “Minority Report” star told the London Sun. “And Terry Gilliam (the director) was like, ‘What do you mean I can’t cast this woman?’ . . . The other actors really wanted me to do it (but) Not Harvey and Bob. Well, it’s their money, isn’t it?” A spokesman for Miramax denies the story. “There are many voices that contribute to any decision,” the rep told The Scoop, but he says Morton’s claims that her weight were an issue are “absolutely untrue.” . . . Mariah Carey is reportedly toting around 68 pieces of luggage with her on her concert tour — plus a huge trunk packed with makeup. She also requests two DVD players in her rooms, and apparently her favorite DVDs to watch are the ones of herself. . . . Sharon Osbourne takes on wrestling star Stone Cold Steve Austin on Thursday. The talk-show hostess actually gets into the ring with Austin. “I’ll tell you what,” Osbourne says. “That wrestling makes you horny. . . . Being on top of each other, sweating and all of that. . . . That’s the hardest workout I’ve had since the first night I had sex with my husband.”

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