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Meet Halle Berry’s new man

Model Gabriel Aubry has caught the Oscar-winner's fancy
/ Source: Access Hollywood

With more than 3 billion men in the world, only one is lucky enough to be Halle Berry’s boyfriend.

Access is introducing our viewers to the very handsome man who beat the odds.

Hand-holding shopping trips! Snuggly party pics! Halle and her new guy are everywhere.

And while he's not an actor, he may look familiar.

Gabriel Aubry is one of the world's top male models. Commanding a $30,000-a-day rate, he rakes in millions a year.

And it was on a Versace campaign where the 30-year-old first met Halle four months ago.

“You can see the photos are great,” said Sean Patterson, Gabriel’s agent. “It's absolutely beautiful. She looks drop-dead gorgeous. He looks incredible.”

Sean told Access that Halle and Gabriel's on-set chemistry set off real life sparks.

“It was something that was completely unexpected, and he's just enjoying each day as it goes by, and he's very, very happy right now,” Sean told us.

Not only has Gabriel hooked up with a major movie star, at 39, Halle also is an older woman — nine years older!

Yet for those who think he's using her to jumpstart his own career — think again.

“I don't [know] if it could enhance his career because he's already the best in the business for the most part, and I don't think he's set his sights on any other business, I don't think, again, it would be that much of a plus,” Sean said.

A model for more than eight years, the Montreal native was discovered right out of college at a Canadian nightclub.

And ever since, Gabriel’s been a favorite of the fashion world, including designer Tommy Hilfiger, who recently uncovered a backstage interview with Gabriel from 2002.

“I would say what's different this year is it’s less sporty than it is normally,” said Gabriel, in the February 2002 interview.

This season Gabriel is the face of Gap, Versace and Hugo Boss.

“Last year I'd have to say he was the highest-earning male model in the business and I don't see it curtailing anytime soon,” Sean said.

Successful career and good genes? Interesting!

Halle did recently tell Oprah she’d like to have a baby by 40 and her birthday is in August.

Need we say more?