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Meet 'Freakshow's' Amazing Ali

Ben Leuner / AMC / Today
"Freakshow's" Amazing Ali.

AMC is delivering the "Freakshow" straight into your home. The network's new eight-part unscripted series follows the folks behind California's Venice Beach Freakshow, a museum operated by ex-music producer Todd Ray and his wife and children.

Included in the museum are human wonders, bizarre creatures, performers of all sorts and various oddities, all gathered by Ray. Among them is Ali Chapman, aka "Amazing Ali," the littlest lady of "Freakshow." She stands at 3 feet 5 inches, and is the host of the Venice Beach Freakshow. She joined the museum in 2012 after Ray found her on Facebook.

In an exclusive clip that AMC shared with The Clicker, Ali reveals how her height has made everyday life a bit different for her. 

"I was born this way, gonna stay this way. No chances of growing," Ali says in the video. "I do have to do things a little differently. For instance, I drive different than most people. I drive with hand controls."

But there's one thing she wants everyone to know. Despite her short stature, "I'm human. I'm just like anyone else. I just happen to be on the short side!" she laughs.

While for most folks the word "freak" may carry a negative connotation, it doesn't for Ali. In fact, she embraces the word. "I consider the word 'freak' to mean 'unique,' " she says in the clip. "I am just that. I think it's a compliment."

See what else she had to say about her life, aspirations, and work at the museum:

"Freakshow" premieres Feb. 14 at 9:30 p.m. on AMC.

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