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Meet Ellen Pompeo’s real-life Dr. McDreamy

Season three of ‘Grey's Anatomy' promises seriously racy scenes
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Fifteen days and counting until we all get a brand new dose of “Grey’s Anatomy” and on Tuesday night, the cast unveiled the Season Two DVD.

Kate Walsh (Dr. Addison Shepherd) looked stunning in a champagne pink Dolce and Gabbana, while Ellen Pompeo (Dr. Grey herself) was gorgeous in a loose flowing Jessie Kahn gown.

But it was more her company than her dress that was getting all the attention, as Ellen showed up with a surprise guest – her boyfriend of 4 years Christopher – and she couldn’t stop gushing.

“He makes me feel good when I’m with him,” Ellen told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush. “I feel good and calm. You know what its like to be in love. You know what it feels like.”

So in real life, she’s in love with Christopher (pictured above with Ellen and Billy), but on the show Ellen scores some seriously racy scenes, and the Season Three promos promise even more!

“Grey’s panties are in the promos. They are sticking your undies out there. How do you feel about that?” Billy asked Ellen.

“I think it’s hysterical. I’ve been calling them ‘McPanties,’” she laughed. “And they are revealed next season in a very funny way. I hope I did justice to the writing.”

“So we are coming right out of the gate in episode one of Season Three with ‘McPanties’”? Billy cracked up.

“Yes we are,” she smiled.

But as the promos show, Ellen isn’t the only one having a good time next season. We’ll just go ahead and call it McSexy red lingerie.

“The promos are fantastic. In one of them, they have you in the hospital room and Sandra Oh is on top of you and you’re in red lingerie,” Billy told co-star Isaiah Washington who plays Dr. Burke.

“They already gave that up?” Washington said.

“It’s in the promo!” Billy told him. “They are selling the show with that!”

“Well I guess so,” Washington laughed.

Interestingly enough, show creator Shonda Rimes originally had Isaiah and Patrick Dempsey competing for the role of Dr. McDreamy.

“We screened together at the same time,” Dempsey revealed.

“We were going against each other and he won out and I was out on my keister,” Isaiah explained. “Then two days later I got a call as I was on my way to do another TV show that I didn’t want to do and they asked my if still wanted to be a doctor.”

So how did Isaiah feel when they said they wanted him to play Dr. Burke instead?

“I said ‘Burke is an [expletive]. I’m not playing that guy. He’s uptight and I’m happening,” he laughed.

And who did producers originally have lined up to play Dr. Burke? Click here to find out!

The new season of “Grey’s Anatomy” debuts Thursday, September 21 on ABC.