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McCreery says 'Idol' win seems like yesterday

The past year has been a whirlwind for “American Idol” champ Scotty McCreery. After all, he went from singing for a shot at success to winning big to releasing his debut album in just a matter of months.

Before topping all of that off with a Thursday performance at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, McCreery stopped by TODAY to talk about how far he’s come.

“Just a year ago, we were packing for Hollywood week,” McCreery recalled. “Just to make it past that, let alone be here… It seems like yesterday. I’m telling you, this has been the fastest year. It’s like I was just here with Lauren (Alaina), and we were singing here. It’s been cool though. I’ve been enjoying every minute of it.”

But despite the rush of new opportunities and celebrity obligations, the 18-year-old high-school senior hasn’t left the basics behind.

“I was at school yesterday,” he said with a smile. “We left from school to go to the airport to fly out here. I enjoy it. They treat me like I never left.”

Still, McCreery knows he’s not the typical school kid, which is one of the reasons he’s decided to remain girlfriend-free — for now.

“I’m a busy guy right now, and I try to really focus on the music and stuff,” he explained. “That’ll happen. It’ll sort of take care of itself. I’m just trying to lay low.”

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