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Mayim Bialik explains why she 'worked so well' with Jim Parsons on 'Big Bang Theory'

The star opens up about her chemistry with her former co-star and how they're still working together.
The Big Bang Theory
Mayim Bialik opens up about her work with "Big Bang Theory" co-star Jim Parsons, and she reveals the secret to their on-screen success. Monty Brinton / CBS via Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

It’s been two years since fans of “The Big Bang Theory” said so long to the sitcom. But love for the long-running series lives on due, in large part, to its talented ensemble cast.

And two stars in particular seemed to capture the hearts of viewers most of all — Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik, the actors behind the well-matched couple Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler.

Now Bialik is reflecting on the off-screen chemistry that allowed her and Parsons to create so much on-screen chemistry.

“Jim and I had a lot of nice moments together on set,” the 45-year-old said in a recent interview with Us Weekly. “I think one of the things that worked so well for us as actor partners, and maybe as producing partners too, is that we’re not overly sentimental as humans, which I think is helpful. It was helpful in our acting and also in the way we kind of processed ending a decade together.”

The series, which ran for 12 seasons, came to an end in 2019, and while leaving “The Big Bang Theory” behind was difficult for everyone involved, Bialik believes she and Parsons were able to navigate that more easily than some of their co-stars — at least up until the very end.

“They had, 13 years, the cast, that they had been working together,” said Bialik, who joined the show in its third season. “So we were not an overly sentimental couple, but obviously it was very emotional filming our last scene.”

The final scene of the final episode of "The Big Bang Theory"CBS

That last scene saw Amy and Sheldon, fresh from receiving their Nobel Prize awards, back home, simply hanging out with the friends that meant so much to them.

While that moment marked farewells for the cast and crew, for Bialik and Parsons it was only a brief goodbye.

The duo are back together again as production partners on Bialik’s new series, “Call Me Kat.”

“I still get to work with Jim,” she told Us, “which is amazing.”

And if she had her way, she’d be working with some other past co-stars, too — ones from a different beloved sitcom.

Bialik previously told the publication that, although Warner Bros. has her “heart and career” right now, she’s “explored” the idea of a reboot of her 1990s teen series, “Blossom.”

“I will say there’s been some industry complexity around it,” she explained as the reason it just hasn’t happened yet. “I’ll leave it at that.”

But, giving her fans some hope, she added, “I would like to think there’s a way for it to happen.”