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Mayim Bialik reunited with her 'Blossom' hat — and it was perfect

More than 20 years after "Blossom" wrapped, Mayim Bialik donned a replica of her '90s headwear, making our tween hearts leap for joy.
/ Source: TODAY

Long before playing a neurobiologist on "Big Bang Theory," Mayim Bialik was known for her eponymous role as a brainy teen on "Blossom" — a character who not only showed girls that it was cool to be smart, but that it was stylish to wear floppy hats adorned with large fake flowers.

More than 20 years after the NBC series wrapped, the actress donned a replica of her '90s headwear, making our tween hearts leap for joy.

Bialik appeared on a recent installment of the series "Good Mythical Morning," during which she participated in the aptly named game "What's on My Head?" with YouTube personalities Rhett and Link.

After the first few rounds, which saw the trio taking turns sporting a blender, birthday cake and bowl of chips and guacamole while trying to guess the object, the two hosts placed the "very special" headpiece on Bialik.

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"This feels really light," she observed, narrowing down the possibilities with a series of questions.

"Is it a tool?" she asked. "Is it decorative? Is it an item of clothing? Is it something you wear on your head? Is it a hat?"

However, it took five more queries before she arrived at "Blossom."

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"Is it a vintage hat from a particular historical era? Is it from the 20th century? Is it from after 1950? Is it something you'd wear to a sporting event? Is this a women's hat? Is it decorated with flowers?"

After finally guessing correctly, Bialik took a look at herself in a mirror, and her reaction was pretty adorable.

Watch the full video above!