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Mayim Bialik gets real about Valentine's Day in funny Instagram post

Whatever you're doing on Valentine's Day, it's probably more romantic than what the "Big Bang Theory" star had planned.
/ Source: TODAY

So many stars, from Pink to Sofia Vergara to Olivia Wilde, are feeling the love on this Valentine’s Day, sharing super-sweet posts celebrating that special someone in their life.

Then there’s Mayim Bialik.

Anyone who’s single will appreciate this funny Instagram post from the "Big Bang Theory” star, who’s also a neuroscientist.

Yep, she was keeping it real, all right. Her big Valentine’s Day plans: delivering a keynote address at IPC APEX EXPO, an electronics manufacturing industry event in San Diego.

“Woke up alone and I'm about to get ready to give a science talk to a bunch of engineers. I may ask all of them to be my valentine,” Bialik joked.

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OK, so it might not have been the most romantic gig, but she definitely had a good time.

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We’re not sure if she was able to make a love connection with any of these engineers, but even if she didn’t, Bialik, 41, can still count on the two true valentines in her life: her two young sons.

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