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Maya Rudolph embraces her 'mother' status in 'SNL' monologue. What to know about her 4 kids

Rudolph hosted the Mother's Day episode of “Saturday Night Live” on May 11.
/ Source: TODAY

Maya Rudolph returned to “Saturday Night Live” to host the Mother’s Day episode.

Rudolph, who was a cast member from 2000 to 2007, hosted “SNL” for the third time on May 11 alongside musical guest, Vampire Weekend.

The “Bridesmaids” star expressed in her monologue how excited she was to be back hosting the show, especially for the Mother’s Day episode, considering she's a mom herself.

“For me, it’s extra special, because I am a four-time mom,” she said. “That’s right, I have four beautiful kids…that I know of.”

Rudolph and her partner, director Paul Thomas Anderson, are parents to four children: Pearl, 18, Lucille, 14, Jack, 12, and Minnie, 10.

Rudolph was joined by cast members Bowen Yang and Sarah Sherman, who gave the actor an important reminder.

“But Maya, look, you’re not just a mom,” Yang said. “You're mother.”

Sherman and Yang showered Rudolph with compliments, calling her a “30 Rock legend” and sharing that she has “achieved extraterrestrial mother status.”

Rudolph feigned surprise at the kind words, but ultimately agreed, sending the monologue into a musical direction.

Sarah Sherman and Bowen Yang hyped Maya Rudolph up during her monologue.
Sarah Sherman and Bowen Yang hyped Maya Rudolph up during her monologue.Saturday Night Live / YouTube

Kenan Thompson re-introduced Rudolph as the “Mother of the House of Rockefeller” before she appeared on stage again, this time ditching her dress for a metallic bodysuit.

Surrounded by dancers, Rudolph continued to declare, “I’m your mother,” throughout the tune as she strutted around the studio.

“Bow down children, I’m your mama, giving queen, giving drama,” she sang while she treated the backstage area as her runway. “This place gave you ‘Coneheads.’ It’s 11:30, go to bed. Who’s your favorite funty? It’s me, Kamala Hunty.”

Rudolph also took a moment to get real about motherhood, adding, “I will also turn this car around if you don’t stop hitting your sister,” before letting out a frustrated sigh.

“I’m your Baba Wawa, Debbie D, Sweeney Sisters and Gilly. Martha Stewart gave good hair, Mary Catherine Gallagher. Schweddy Balls and Donatella, Lisa from Temecula,” Rudolph added, listing off several famous female ‘SNL’ characters. “Giving gorgeous, serving pretty, they did it live from New York City.”

Despite her humorous homage to Mother’s Day, Rudolph is a proud mother of four kids.

Though she may be a public persona, she tends to keep her private life out of the spotlight and doesn’t often discuss her partner or their children in interviews.

Here's what she's publicly said about motherhood and her four kids.

Maya Rudolph left “SNL” after she welcomed her first daughter Pearl in 2005

Rudolph was still a cast member on “SNL” when her first daughter, Pearl, was born on Oct. 15, 2005. After she left the show in 2007, she and Anderson welcomed the their three younger children.

Lucille was born on Nov. 6, 2009 followed by Jack on July 3, 2011. The couple welcomed their fourth and youngest child, Minnie, in Aug. 1, 2013.

She spoke about her decision to leave the show in an August 2017 interview with Parade, noting that when she had her first child, she knew it was “just the right time” for her to leave.

“It’s hard to work on a late-night comedy show and have a baby,” she explained. “I did it and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but I wouldn’t really recommend it.”

Maya Rudolph shared what changed when she became a mother

Rudolph spoke to PopSugar in June 2018 about what aspects of motherhood changed about her life.

“I mean, I don't go out as much — at all,” she said. “But more importantly, in life, it allowed me to create something that I call the ‘bulls--- meter,’ which is basically the things that are literally not important — I just got rid of them.”

She explained, “I used to take on a lot more than necessary, and when it's you, you're sort of your own worst enemy in life, you take on a lot more than is necessary.”

Maya Rudolph's children supported her when she hosted 'SNL' in 2021

Rudolph had the support of her family when she hosted “SNL” for the second time in March 2021.

The actor addressed her family during her monologue and told the crowd, “I have four incredible kids and they're all here tonight. Don't make me cry.”

"And just a heads up to my kids, tonight mommy's going to put on a lot of wigs and do a lot of weird voices, so it's just going to be like a typical day at home," she said. “I'll just be wearing a bra.”

Rudolph said that her kids were actually big fans of “SNL,” adding, “Having them here in the place where I grew up is so special.”

Maya Rudolph's children love Disney and baking

While it's unclear whether her four kids will follow in their parents' footsteps as a director or actor, Rudolph has been open about their other interests.

In December 2021, Rudolph told People that she often bakes with her children at home.

"My kids do like to bake," she said. "I wish were more of a baker but there's a lot of inventive baking in my home, especially with my younger kids, which tends to be my favorite."

Less than a year later, the actor opened up to People in November 2022 about how excited she was for her partner and her kids to see “Disenchanted.”

 "My kids are the biggest Disney fans," she explained. "And I am, too. I think they are going to love it."