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Maurice Greene runs out of gas on ‘Dancing’

Olympic sprinter Maurice Greene finally ran out of gas on "Dancing With the Stars." His fancy capework on the paso doble was impressive, but it also wasn't enough to keep him around.
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The Olympian’s out: Though he ended nearly every dance with his catch phrase “winner, winner, chicken dinner,” former fastest man in the world Maurice Greene got the ballroom boot when his last two dances turned out to be losers.

Judges praised Maurice and partner Cheryl Burke’s ballroom and Latin routines Monday night, but then Len Goodman and the gang gave the athlete scores that left him tied for last place with “Hannah Montana’s” Cody Linley.

In the end it all came down to viewer votes, and frankly, it’s no surprise to learn a teen star’s fan base outnumbers that of a retired sprinter.

Big comeback for the big guy: After fumbling his way through last week’s foxtrot, retired NFL player Warren Sapp was looking for a comeback Monday night. He found that, and his first "10," for a non-team effort in his tango. A follow-up jive didn’t play quite as well to the panel, but with a final score of 54 out of 60, Warren didn’t have anything to complain about.

As for the top scorer of the week, Brooke Burke claimed that honor once again, landing one point up on the big guy for her mambo and tango talents.

Nitpicking the nitpicker: If Carrie Ann Inaba has a specialty, it’s spotting even the tiniest lift infraction and letting the world know about it. This week she knocked off a point from Cody and Edyta Sliwinska’s foxtrot score after the teen momentarily lifted his partner’s long legs off floor.

When the audience booed her judicial swipe, Carrie Ann shot back, “I can’t help it,” before adding, “That’s my role in life.”

Fair enough, but where were Carrie Ann’s eagle eyes looking when Derek Hough swept golden girl Brooke Burke right off her feet in the very next dance? The inconsistent judge pulled out a deduction-free “10” paddle for that routine.

Couples’ therapy: Dr. Drew Pinsky, of “Loveline” and “Celebrity Rehab” fame, dropped by the ballroom for “a very special segment” on “Dancing with the Stars.”

It seems, after eight long weeks of ballroom competition, the celebrities and their pro partners were in need of some intense couples’ therapy before continuing with the rigors of dance. Or maybe they just needed some TV talent cross-promotion. Whatever.

There were tears (mostly from a Julianne Hough-loving Cody) and talk of disrespect (mostly from a Derek Hough-berated Brooke), but in the end they all waltzed away with a share of Dr. Drew’s sage advice.

For instance, Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer learned they “need to let each other have their feelings and have that be OK.”


Say what, Samantha?: While Cody and Edyta anxiously awaited the judges’ scores for their mambo, co-host Samantha Harris teased the temporary couple with her special brand of awkward small talk.

Samantha: Did you ever think about a year ago that you’d be dancing in front of millions of people with a half-naked — well, practically naked — woman on TV?

Edyta (cringing at Cody): Um, no. Just say, “no.”

Cody: Well, I may have imagined it, but I didn’t expect it.

Samantha: At least he’s honest, boys and girls! 

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