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Matt named ‘Biggest Loser’

Access Hollywood catches up with the shell-shocked winner
/ Source: Access Hollywood

After months of training and careful dieting, it came down to choosing "The Biggest Loser" in Tuesday night's special two-hour, live season finale.

Only three contestants remained in the game to see who had the highest percentage of weight-loss. And for one of them, it was about to payoff big time — to the tune of $250,000.

Prize money aside, for Seth, Suzy, Matt and the rest of the contestants from this year's show, it was clear on the finale that every single one went home a proud winner.

But alas, it was Matt who claimed the title and the grand prize after shedding a whopping 157 pounds since stepping foot on "The Biggest Loser" ranch.

"I literally got a chance that very few people get, and that's to start with a clean slate," Matt told Access Hollywood after his victory. "I am a different person."

As our three finalists waited backstage, the finale began with all of the booted contestants returning to vie for a $100,000 prize to the contestant who had lost the highest percentage of weight since the show began.

One by one, they made their way to the scale to rounds of rousing applause from host Caroline Rhea and the audience. And as each one stepped on to "The Biggest Loser" scale one final time, the smiles on their face told the real story.

After each of the departed contestants weighed in, it was Pete who took home the $100,000 after shedding nearly 200 pounds.

Pete came on the show the heaviest at 401 pounds, and weighed in at an impressive 216 during the finale.

It was a close call, between him at Mark, as the outcome was determined by percentage of body weight lost, Pete boasted 46.13% to Mark's still-impressive 46.09%. A mere 2 pounds was the difference.

"My family is all here and now I have to explain to them about .04% and its going to kill me all night," Mark told Access. "I'm going to run and hide from them."

Then it was time for the overall winner to be crowned. One-by-one, Seth, Suzy and Matt burst onto the stage to show off their new physiques.

First up was Seth, who entered the ranch weighing 291 pounds.

A new father who had said he wanted to lose weight for his son and his family, Seth took to the stage and proudly showed Caroline and the crowd his new six-pack. When he stepped onto the scale, his final weigh in was an incredible 168.

Next up was Suzy, the lone female finalist who said she was hoping to win to show that the girls can keep up with the guys.

After starting the show weighing 227 pounds, a petite and peppy Suzy stepped onto the scale to reveal a new weight of 132 pounds.

And finally, it was Matt's turn. A former wrestler who wore his heart on his sleeve throughout the season originally arrived at the ranch weighing 339 pounds.

But before he hopped up on the scale one last time, host Caroline Rhea asked Matt if he would still consider himself a winner even if he wasn't crowned "The Biggest Loser."

An emotional Matt said it wasn't about the money and what he was most proud of was the finale marked 9 months of sobriety for him.

But then he hit that scale to reveal a current weight of 182 — a difference of 157 pounds, beating out Seth's percentage to take the title.

Matt faced some serious setbacks once he was home, as he continued to train with a concussion stemming from a wrestling injury.

But the blood, sweat and tears paid off.

"I never stopped training while I was home when I was hurt and it paid off tonight," he told us.

For placing second, Seth took home $50,000 while Suzy was awarded $25,000 for coming in third overall.

After the show, a somewhat shell shocked Matt spoke with Access Hollywood.

He told us with his prize money he's going to buy a red boat (red was his team's color). He also said he was shocked to see how great everyone else looked.

Matt also opened up to us about how hard it was to lose an uncle while taping the show and still being able to remain dedicated to his healthy regimen.

Matt revealed that he will continue with strength training but is satisfied with his weight.

And deservedly so.