Matt LeBlanc swings sledgehammer at James Corden during game of 'Flinch'

/ Source: TODAY

When Matt LeBlanc, William H. Macy and Don Cheadle visited "The Late Late Show" Monday night, host James Corden had a hilarious game in store for the trio.

The actors played a rousing game of "Flinch," during which they took turns standing behind a plexiglass window and trying not to lose their cool as apples, oranges, eggs and other objects were hurled toward them from a slingshot.

However, when it was time for Corden to step behind the glass, the game took a more precarious turn as LeBlanc picked up a sledgehammer.

"It's a sledgehammer! There's a big difference between an egg and a sledgehammer," Corden protested.

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"You're really going to stand that close?" LeBlanc replied, before taking a swing at the terrified host.

Watch the clip above to see Corden's reaction!