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/ Source: TODAY
By Ree Hines

Joey Tribbiani always sported a dark 'do on "Friends," but after the show's first season, that look no longer came naturally to actor Matt LeBlanc.

Now, he's a full-on silver fox and opening up about his bottle-brunet days on the sitcom.

"I think it was the second season of 'Friends' — way back then — that I started getting gray hair on the sides, so they started to dye it," he explained during a Tuesday visit to "The Late Late Show."

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As the years progressed, it went from a little dye at the temples to a little more beyond that — and eventually, to a whole lot more.

"Finally I said to the hair guy, 'You know, I was in the supermarket the other day and they have this stuff called Just for Men — five minutes," LeBlanc recalled.

Compared to the two-hour routine he had been enduring, he just wanted to get the thumbs up to give it a try. The stylist said it should work just fine.

But it didn't.

Oh, sure, LeBlanc was able to dye his hair dark — and that's not all.

"I come to work the next day, my ears are all black," he laughed.

In time, he got the hang of it, but decided to hang up the habit after he finished with the character.

"I took about five or six years off, and said 'Screw it!'" he said. "I couldn't be bothered anymore."

Seems like a good call, since the result is salt-and-pepper perfection.