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Matt LeBlanc proves to Kelly Clarkson he's a 'Friends' trivia master

How's he doin' in this game? Really, really well.
/ Source: TODAY

Matt LeBlanc is a lot sharper than Joey Tribbiani.

The actor stopped by last Friday’s episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show” (taped before the quarantine went into effect) and wowed the audience by dominating a spirited game of “Friends” trivia, with questions centered on Joey.

LeBlanc, known for his work as the dim-witted character on the classic sitcom, teamed up with good Samaritan Ahmed Alwan to face off against Clarkson and actress Bellamy Young.

After Clarkson came up with Joey’s pickup line (“How you doin’?”), LeBlanc went on a run, correctly responding to questions about what Joey got his head stuck in during Thanksgiving, the name of his “Days of Our Lives” character, what food item he protected during a police ride-along, what language Phoebe tried to teach Joey and who Hugsy was.

LeBlanc, who also discussed with Clarkson some of the weird things he experienced during the comedy's run, even corrected Young when she said Joey and Chandler owned a chicken and a duck, pointing out that “Technically, it was a chick and a duck, not a chicken.”

“He gets them before the question’s even asked,” a flummoxed Clarkson exclaimed at one point.

“I want you to start asking ‘American Idol’ questions right now,” she said, implying she could flex some trivia muscle of her own having been on that show. “I will slay.”

Clarkson then did get a measure of vindication when she beat LeBlanc to the punch on the next question about the car Joey pretended to own, which, as any “Friends” superfan will tell you, was a Porsche.

It was too little, too late for the “Stronger” singer, though. LeBlanc easily won the game.

We can only imagine the nuggets of info LeBlanc would've dropped on the "Friends" reunion that was postponed due to the coronavirus.

In the meantime, maybe he can help former co-star Courteney Cox brush up on her show trivia. She got smoked trying to answer questions about the show last week on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

She has decided to re-watch the series.

“I just started season one. It’s really good,” she said.